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Nexus One vs Droid

Written by quickpwn

Now that the Nexus One Google phone has been released, the Droid has a new competitor. The Nexus One and Droid both use Google’s operating system and both are available on Verizon. Unlike the Nexus One, the Droid phone is not unlocked.

Here are the major differences between the Nexus One and Droid:

  • Droid will support flash, but we’re not sure if Nexus One will
  • Nexus One is unlocked and can be used with other carriers
  • Droid has a physical keyboard, while Nexus One only has a virtual keyboard
  • Nexus One is thinner
  • Nexus One has the Android 2.1 operating system which has a lot of new features (maybe Droid will get this update as well)

The full Droid specs can be seen here and the full Nexus One specs can be seen here.

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