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HTC EVO 4G Update Removes 30FPS Cap, and Fixes GPS Reboot, MultipleGmail Account Sync, and Calendar Event Edit Issue

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HTC EVO 4G users recently got an update from HTC which removes the 30FPS cap, fixes GPS reboot, fixes  multiple Gmail Account syncing bug, and also fixes the Calendar Event edit bug. If you are an HTC EVO 4G user, you should definitely update to this latest version. The version # is HTC – EVO 4G (A9292) – 3.29.651.5.

The biggest fix in the HTC EVO 4G update was, no doubt, the 30FPS cap removal. Now that the HTC EVO 4G has no FPS cap limit, it’s more responsive, and everything runs much more smoother. Don’t take my word for it, watch the YouTube video here to see the difference.

If you  didn’t get the OTA update for your HTC EVO 4G phone yet, you can manually download it from HTC’s server here. After downloading, rename the file to update.zip and save it to your microSD card. Reboot your HTC Evo 4G in to recovery mode. Turn your phone off, hold the volume down button and press the power button. Once the white screen boots up, use the volume button to select RECOVERY and press the power button again. The EVO will now boot in to recovery mode. Hold the volume up button and press the power button and then choose applysdcard:update.zip. Once it’s all done, you can head on over to Android Central and thank them for this.

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