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Verizon recently aired a Droid Does commercial during the Yankees-Angels game on Saturday. This commercial does a good job of making the iPhone look bad. I really liked this commercial, and I hope that the Droid Does commercial pushes Apple to improve their iPhone and make it more open! Obviously Verizon hasn’t heard of jailbroken iPhones, because if they did then they would know that we can already get most of the features by jailbreaking. You can watch the Droid Does commercial here.

I am kind of disappointed about this commercial because it means that the iPhone will not be coming to Verizon any time soon. I do look forward to seeing what Verizon comes out with. Anyone else excited about the Verizon Droid? It really does have the potential to be an iPhone killer, especially since it’s being launched on one of America’s most reliable network.

Verizon Droid Features

Here is a list of some features of the Droid that Verizon has listed on their website.

  • Video
  • Tunes
  • 10,000+ Apps
  • The Network
  • Multitasking
  • High speed
  • Hi-Res
  • 5 megapixels
  • Android 2.0
  • Speech Recognition
  • Notification Panel
  • Directions

You can sign up to be notified once Verizon launches the Droid. No release date has been announced, the DroidDoes.com website just says “Coming Soon”.

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