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Creator of iBeer sues maker of iPint

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Remember Steve Sheraton, the guy who created the iBeer application for the iPhone? (For those of you who haven’t seen the iBeer application yet it’s basically a virtual beer application that allows you to mimic the drinking of a beer.) Steve Sheraton is suing Molson Coors, the company that made the iPint app for $12.5 million in damages. Steve’s iBeer application was available in the iTunes App Store for $2.99 while Molson Coors iPint application was available for free. iPint basically did the same thing that the iBeer app did except it was free and it had a game in it too which Molson Coors purposely made so users could distinguish between their app and Steve Sheraton’s app. Molson Coors app was free so it ended up becoming more popular than Steve’s app. Steve is suing Molson Coors because he argues that iPint, which has been downloaded more than six million times, has “significantly impaired the downloading of the iBeer content”. Steve Sheraton’s company, Hottris recently sent a cease and desist letter to the makers of the iPint app. The iPint app is no longer available in the US App Store but it is still available in other countries. What does Molson Coors have to say about this? ”

“We are confident that we’ve handled this matter appropriately, and will vigorously defend the action.” – Molson Coors

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