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iPhone Devs: Android in app description = BANHAMMER

Written by quickpwn

When it comes to iPhone apps, Apple is infamous for rejecting them for silly reasons. Once a developer’s application gets rejected, it can take a very long time until it’s approved again. Surprisingly, this time Apple acted differently. The developer of the Flash of Genius iPhone application put “Finalist in Google’s Android Developer’s Challenge!” in his app description and that triggered Apple to e-mail him and ask him to remove the Android reference or face the consequences of having the app removed from the App Store.

In it’s defense Apple told the developer that the application contains irrelevant information, and placing references to other platforms in the App description is not allowed. Instead of removing the application directly, Apple kindly e-mailed it’s developer and told him to remove the reference otherwise his app will . Kudos to Apple for doing that! iPhone users are downloading the iPhone app, which is a different platform than the Android so it was misleading of the developer of the Flash of Genius app to include this in there. The developer of the Flash of Genius app was patient and he complied with Apple and removed the reference to Android. Other iPhone developers take note!

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