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What Facebook 3.0 is missing!

Written by quickpwn

Today Apple finally approved the Facebook 3.0 iPhone app in the App Store (as of this post it still says version 2.5, but it’s actually 3.0 if you download it). If you’re a Facebook user, you will like using this application. The main features of the Facebook 3.0 iPhone application include the ability to upload videos (iPhone 3GS users only), a built in web-browser, full photo management, and a lot more other features that were missing in version 2.5

Facebook 3.0 is still missing some features that I know many of us would like to see. Here are just some features it’s missing:

  • Push notifications support – This is a huge one! Joe Hewitt, the developer of this application has promised to include this in his next Facebook 3.1 update.
  • Videos – Facebook videos currently cannot be played, but YouTube videos can. Facebook will need to come up with a format compatible with the iPhone.
  • Groups

What feature would you like to see when Joe Hewitt releases Facebook 3.1? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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