Apple attempts to make jailbreaking look bad

To anyone new here, a jailbreak or jailbreaking is the process of gaining root access to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2G, IPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS. With root access you can install additional applications including Cydia, Icy, and apps that are not approved in the App Store.

Why are people jailbreaking?

We all know that Apple has a very strict App Store approval system, and they’ve rejected many apps from the App Store for strange reasons. There are also certain apps that Apple will never approve in the App Store. Thankfully developers who worked hard on their apps and had their apps rejected from the App Store can release it to jailbroken devices. People who jailbreak have access to cool apps that allow them to modify their device and do what they want with it. Apple should have allowed us to fully modify our own devices but they don’t like doing this.

What can I get by jailbreaking my device?

You can modify your Springboard/iPhone theme with the Winterboard app, you can mult-task with the Backgrounder app, you can unlock your iPhones, and a lot more interesting things.

Does jailbreaking void my warranty?

Yes, jailbreaking voids your warranty.

Apple’s recent post on Jailbreaking

Apple recently made an article making negative points about jailbreaking. They’re against it, why wouldn’t they? I’m going to list some of the points that they made below and also post my own arguments.

  1. Apple says that jailbreaking causes device and application instability:  This is only true if you install certain applications from Cydia. I’ve never had any problems with my apps. If any app causes problems you can simply uninstall it.
  2. According to Apple jailbreaking causes unreliable voice and data: Apple is saying you get dropped calls, slow or unreliable connections, and delayed or inaccurate location data. This is not true, I have yet to experience this.
  3. Your battery life is less due to jailbreaking: Your battery life can’t decrease just because of jailbreaking. It can however decrease depending on the apps you install, and the processes that you have enabled. If you installed SSH you must remember to turn it off whenever you’re not using it. If you’re using Backgrounder, it obviously uses more battery because it keeps the other apps enabled in the background.
  4. Jailbreaking can make your device not work with future iPhone OS firmware: That’s not true. You can always factory restore your device to the original iPhone OS firmware if this happens.

Have anything to add? Leave a comment below, and let Apple know how you feel about jailbreaking!

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