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Apple employee offered trip to Germany for losing new iPhone

Written By Hans Berger on Thursday, April 22, 2010 | 2:55 PM


A software engineer at Apple, Gray Powell recently lost the new iPhone 4G hardware with iPhone 4.0 software while he was at the bar. He got drunk, someone stole it, sold it to the biggest tech news site (Gizmodo), and Gizmodo posted full pictures of the iPhone 4G prototype along with the name of the Apple employee who owned it.

Many people are speculating that Powell must be having a tough week because of this iPhone 4G prototype that was stolen from him. People are saying that Apple will fire Powell, but Powell's dad doesn't think so. I don't believe that either, because this whole situation brought A LOT of buzz and attention to Apple's upcoming iPhone 4G and now many people will be anxiously waiting for it until Apple actually announces it. If I were Apple, I would give this guy a raise! Wouldn't you do that too?

Nicola Lange, the Director of Marketing at Lufthansa German Airlines wrote a letter to Powell on Twitter and offered him a complementary trip to Germany because they felt sorry for him, and obviously  for marketing purposes as well. Powell hasn't accepted the offer yet, but if he does, I hope someone reminds him to keep the iPhone 4G prototype in a safe place at home.


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