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WWDC 2009 Live Stream

Written By Unknown on Monday, June 8, 2009 | 4:02 AM


Today is the big day, Apple is going to be doing a live coverage of WWDC 2009. Apple does not allow video/audio streams of WWDC 2009, they just have never allowed this. People are allowed to do live blogging though, so Macrumors Live, Engadget, Gdgt, Gizmodo, and Crunchgear will all be covering this event live. I will be watching the live streams and trying to update this post with important information from WWDC 2009. Feel free to watch this page for updates.  I definitely think there will be a new iPhone, but there have also been rumors of a Macbook tablet too. What do you think Apple will be announcing? Leave a comment.

WWDC 2009 Live Updates

(Newest update on top)
12:00 AM: Business users have asked for data encryption and iPhone 3GS supports that. iPhone 3GS has instant remote wipe and encrypted iTunes backups. iPhone 3G S ships with iPhone OS 3.0 for $199. $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB. Those are AT&T prices for new and qualifying customers; the iPhone 3GS also comes in black and white. iPhone 3GS will be available on June 19. The keynote has been concluded.

11:56 AM: iPhone 3G S camera app lets you swap between still photo and video mode. You can share video right from iPhone 3GS to YouTube, MobileMe, MMS, and email. There is an API for video too which lets developers integrate video capture right into apps. Next is voice controle. With iPhone 3GS you hold down the home button for a second and a voice control interface is brought up. You can say things like "Call Bob Joe" -- if there were more than one entries it will ask which one you want. You can also say "play The Killers" or any other movie/audio you want to play. You can also ask "What's playing now" or say "Play more songs like this" and a genius playlist will be created. There's also a digital compass with the new iPhone 3GS. The compass app shows your orientation, integration with Maps -- if you double click the map will reorientate itself. You also have new accessibility options on the iPhone 3GS including VoiceOver for content and controls zooming, color inversion, mono audio, and more. There's also added support for Nike+.

11:51 AM: New iPhone 3G S announced! S stands for speed. 2.1x faster to launch Messages, 2.4x to load SimCity 3.6x faster to load an Excel attachment, 2.9x faster to load a website. Supports OpenGL | ES 2.0 -- great for games and supports 7.2 Mbps HSPDA. Also has many amazing features including a brand new camera. There are vastly more pictures on Flickr from iPhones than any other phone. New camera features 3 Megapixels auto-focus. Also features tap-to-focus. You can tap on part of the photo you want to focus on and it automatically focuses on it. The new iPhone 3G s has better low-light sensitivity as well. You can use auto-macro as close as 10 cm away. Developers can take advantages of camera too, best thing is that the iPhone3GS captures video!

11:45 AM: Phil Schiller is reviewing how successful the iPhone has been and comparing different mobile stores.

11:43 AM: Scott Forstall is back on stage. "Our job is to make developers successful." iPhone OS 3.0 will be available for free to all iPhone users (including 3G and original iPhone). iPod Touch users will need to pay $9.99 for it. iPhone OS 3.0 will be available worldwide on June 17th. The GM seed is available for all paid developers today. That is iPhone OS 3.0. Phil Schiller has taken stage now.

11:38 AM: Final demo of Line6 and Planet Waves is being shown. Their app lets you control your guitar and amp from your iPhone. Demo of the app is not working.

11:33 AM: Zipcar is a leading car sharing service with over 300,000 members and cars over the US and UK. The Zipcar app lets you immediately find and reserve a nearby Zipcar. With iPhone OS 3.0 Mapkit, the app embeds a user-friendly Google map. Once you're at the lot to pickup your car you can tap the horn icon and the actual car horn will honk so you can find it easily. The car can be unlocked this way too.

11:31 AM: Pasco is demoing their app now. Pasco is a company that focuses on teaching science to children. Using hardware accessory support in iPhone OS 3.0, users can hook sensors to perform experiments. The app charts sensor data in real-time. Video demo of app is being sown. Next up is Zipcar.

11:27 AM: ngmoco is demoing their Star Defense game. Star Defense is a tower defense game that supports 3D with multi-touch and expansions through in-app purchase. The Star Defense app can also be updated free right through their menu. Star Defense will also have "Plus Network" -- head-to-head play anytime, anywhere. The Star Defense game will launch today for $5.99; the iPhone OS 3.0 features will be available whenever iPhone OS 3.0 is released.

11:25 AM: Next up is TomTom. TomTom shows you turn-by-turn directions. It delivers all expected TomTom features inside an iPhone interface. An optional accessory will be sold with the TomTom iPhone app that lets you safely attach the iPhone to your car. Thanks to iPhone 3.0 accessory framework, TomTom provides more accurate GPS, speakerphone, plays iPhone media on car stereo, and charges it as well. TomTom will be available this summer and will be released with national and international maps. Next up is ngmoco.

11:22 AM: Airstrip lets medical professionals monitor patient medical data. The medical community is flocking to the iPhone because of apps like this one. Airstrip is whoing their next app, Critical Care. The Critical Care app supports custom push notification based on parameters you define. It shows a live monitor of patient's vitals from anywhere. Next demo is of ScrollMotion. ScrollMotion creates digital books for the App Store. ScrollMotion apps let you use in-app purchases to let you buy books directly through the app. ScrollMotion has made deals to bring 50 magazines, 70 newspapers, and 1 million books. Next up is TomTom.

11:17 AM: Mark Hickey of Gameloft is demonstrating his new Asphalt 5 game on iPhone OS 3.0. Asphalt 5 lets you play music from your library while you're driving, has advanced lighting and graphics and fully makes use of the hardware. Asphalt 5 supports peer to peer multiplayover over Bluetooth, has worldwide multiplayer over wifi in-game voicechat, content packs for sale (1 racktrack and 3 new cars for 99 cents). Airstrip is demoing their app next.

11:14 AM: Push notifications include popup alerts, sounds, and App icon badges. Gameloft 's Mark Hickey is coming up on stage to demonstrate what they've done in iPhone OS 3.0.

11:13 AM: Accessories can work through Dock connector or Bluetooth. We can also use standard protocols or build custom protocols as well. Maps is being demoed now. Developers can easily embed Google maps into applications including custom annotations, geocoding, etc. Turn-by-turn direction apps are now supported as well. Next up is Push notifications.

11:10 AM: iPhone OS 3.0 supports in app purchase. You can do financial transactions within an app. You can renew magazine subscriptions or buy additional game packs in games. Free apps will remain free and won't have any bait and switch. Games will support peer-to-peer game connectivity. Peer-to-peer can automatically find another player close to you and connect seamlessly.

11:05 AM: Demoing a new Find My iPhone service. The Find my iPhone service is only available to MobileMe customers. You can login to MobileMe on any browser and see where your iPhone is on a Gogle Map. It also lets you send your phone a special alert message. If your iPhone is stolen you can send it a remote wipe command that automatically deletes all your mail, contacts, etc. If your iPhone is stolen and you delete all your data, you can restore it from a backup once you have it back.

11:04 AM: Now talking about Safari on iPhone OS 3.0. Javascript benchmark performs on the current iPhone OS in 126 seconds, on iPhone OS 3 it has improved 3x. Safari now has support for HTML 5 and HTTP streaming audio and video and it automatically determines the best quality for your connection. There's also auto-fill support for usernames, passwords, and contact information as well (contact information is filled from your Address Book). Over 30 languages are now supported in Landscape/Portrait mode on the keyboard.

11:01 AM: Tethering is supported. You can now tether your iPhone with Mac/PC using Bluetooth or USB. Tethering allows you to use your iPhone's internet connection on your computer. No software will need to be installed on your computer, tethering will work right away. Tethering requires carrier support, and AT&T will not be supporting it.

11:00 AM: iTunesU will be supported on the iPhone OS 3.0. You can rent and purchase movies, TV shows, music, and audiobooks right from your iPhone. Parental controls now have more options. You can filter by movie or TV show content.

10:57 AM: Showing landscape support across all default apps in the iPhone, and talking about MMS. 24 carriers will support iPhone MMS at launch. There will also be support for sending Photos, contacts, audio files, and more over the cell network. Spotlight will allow you to search everything from your home screen including apps, contacts, etc.

10:55 AM: Video is now over and iPhone OS 3.0 is being presented. Over 100 new features in iPhone OS 3.0. Cut/Copy/Paste is being demoed on the iPhone OS 3.0.

10:50 AM: Scott Forstall is on stage now and is talking about the iPhone. It has been an incredible year for the iPhone -- 1,000,000 iPhone SDK downloads, 50,000 Apps on the App Store, 40 Million iPhones/iPod Touches sold, and more than 1 billion apps downloaded. A video of developers sharing their story is being played now. Developers including EA, Igloo Games, MLB.com, Airstrip, and more are sharing how the iPhone and App Store has played a role in their lives. MLB.com guy is telling us how a lot of people started downloading their app right when Apple started featuring it in their commercial.

10:50 AM: Scott Forstall is on stage now and is talking about the iPhone. It has been an incredible year for the iPhone -- 1,000,000 iPhone SDK downloads, 50,000 Apps on the App Store, 40 Million iPhones/iPod Touches sold, and more than 1 billion apps downloaded. A video of developers sharing their story is being played now. Developers including EA, Igloo Games, MLB.com, Airstrip, and more are sharing how the iPhone and App Store has played a role in their lives. MLB.com guy is telling us how a lot of people started downloading their app right when Apple started featuring it in their commercial.

10:45 AM: Snow Leopard will be available for all Intel Macs. Leopard was $129 and they want all Leopard users to upgrade to Snow Leopard, so Snow Leopard will cost $29 for those users. There will be a family pack available for $49. Snow Leopard will be released in September. A near-final developer preview will be available today.

10:43 AM: Now talking about Exchange. Mail, iCal, and Address Book all support Exchange now. Exchange support is being demoed. Showing how simple it is to add an Exchange account, Auto-discovery of Exchange servers, all email/folders/to-do lists are automatically populated, Spotlight immediately searches through all data. Quicklook lets you preview Microsoft Office documents through Mail without even needing to install Office.

10:40 AM: Snow Leopard has a Grand Central Station built into it. Multi-core presents a challenge and Grand Central knows how to make the best use of it.

10:35AM: Quicktime X demo has now ended and Bertrand is back on stage. Lots of enhancements, but there's also powerful new technologies. Talking about new powerful modern technologies.

10:33AM: Demoing Quicktime X. Quicktime X lets you trim and share video using visual timeline that lets you select art of the video you want. The edited clip can be directly shared with YouTube, MobileMe, or iTunes.

10:32AM: Demonstrating Safari 4's speed. Showing off coverflow view of History and Spotlight search. Spotlight search will include full-text search, not just URL/page title.

10:31AM: Now demoing Expose. If you click and hold any application icon on your doc it'll expose just those windows. For example, click and hold Safari icon: BAM. All your Safari Windows will be Expose'd.

10:30AM:Craig Federighi, VP of Mac OS engineering is on stage for demo. He will cover three areas-- starting with Dock and finder. Stacks handle lots of content better -- scrolling, drilling into folders. Finder lets you magnify thumbnails on the fly, similar to iPhoto. You can step through multi-page documents and play videos right through finder.

10:28AM: Quicktime player has a brand new difference, the content is the focus not the application Quicktime has a modern foundation, hardware acceleration, ColorSync, and HTTP streaming. Now demoing Snow Leopard.

10:23AM: We're very proud of Leopard.. the challenge we set for ourselves was to build a better Leopard. What's that mean? Three things: lots of refinements across the board. Second: powerful new technologies. And third: Exchange support. We decided to refine 90% of the OS. Finder: we love Finder. The user won't see any changes but we rewrote it. Next is the dock, we built expose into the dock -- click and hold, voila, you get the window you want. Install is up to 45% faster. More importantly after you install Snow Leopard you recover over 6GB of disk space. Over half the footprint of the OS. Preview is now up to 2x faster, better text selection in PDF (using a "little bit of AI" ). Better Chinese text input, just like on the iPhone -- uses the trackpad to draw characters. Mail is up to 2.3x faster. Safari 4 features Top Sites -- been in beta for a couple of months -- final version is released today on all platforms (Leopard, Tiger, Windows). Safari is 7.8x faster at JavaScript than IE8 (Chrome is only 5x faster). Passes Acid3 test; IE8 only get 21%. Safari 4 is included with Snow Leopard -- some with added features. Crash resistance (sandbox plugins), 50% faster than JS thanks to 64-bit, new and faster Quicktime (hardware accelerated, new streaming method that works with any webserver).

10:18AM: Now talking about the OSX Leopard. Leopard is the most successful software product Apple has ever had. Cover Flow, Quicklook, Time Machine... By far the best OS written for the majority of consumers. By contrast to this.. Vista logo shows and crowd laughs.

10:14 AM: The 13" Macbook has also been updated and is now called a 13" Macbook Pro. Prices range from $1,199 to $1,499 -- up to 2.13 GHz CPU. Available today. All of Apple's laptops meet the EP Gold and Energy Star.

10:11 AM: The 17" Macbook Pro has also been updated --2.8GHZ CPU, 500GB HD, retains ExpressCard Slot. All shipping today.

10:10 AM: Phil says I'm happy to show you a brand new version of the 15-inch MacBook Pro. It's built on the unibody architecture. Built-in: a revolutionary li-polymer battery. Gives up to 7 hours of battery life -- 40% greater life. New batteries have over 1k recharge cycles. Batteries should last five years, longer than the average life of the notebook. The new 15" has a brand new display, 60% color gamut increase and now has a SD card slot. Price ranges from $1,699 to $2,229.

10:00 AM: Stay tuned, this page will be updated once WWDC starts.


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June 8, 2009 at 5:51 AM

Correct the date plase.

Its JUNE 17th NOT July for the OS 3.0 to come out.

June 8, 2009 at 10:54 AM

Son a ***** i just bought a 3 g.................

June 15, 2009 at 1:06 PM

Bryant, the iPhone 3G can still be upgraded to OS 3.0 for free at Apple.com. June 17th is when the OS comes out officially.


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